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[英语教育] 成人英语自学探讨——非专业人士的一点感受   [复制链接]

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bucket hat 渔夫帽;baseball cap 棒球帽;beret 贝雷帽;beanie 无边小帽;pocket square (西服口袋)装饰方巾;suit 西服;suit jacket 西服上装;waistcoat 背心/马甲;tank top 一般男生夏天穿的无袖背心;shirt 衬衫;plaid shirt 格子衬衫;striped shirt 条纹衬衫;slacks 宽松长裤;leggings 绑腿或者打底裤;unbuttoned 敞口/不系纽扣的…… unbuttoned shirt/coat。。。。。。;overcoat 大衣(一般冷天穿的);gown 礼服(女星红地毯穿的基本可以叫gown);robe 浴袍等;sleeveless …… 无袖的;sleeveless T-shirt 无袖T恤衫;long-sleeved 长袖的;long-sleeved T-shirt 等等;high-heeled 高跟的;breast pocket 胸袋;tie 领带;bow-tie 蝴蝶领结;tie clip/clasp/slide/bar 领结;cuff links 袖扣;waders 防水高筒靴;chest waders 渔夫装/钓鱼裤……

卷发( have long) curls;刘海 bangs;软趴趴/耷拉的头发 limp hair;slicked-back/combed-back hair 背头/向后梳的发型;mullet 曾经流行,最近也流行过的发型(见某一时期的吴亦凡);bun 发髻;plait 辫子;smooth hair 柔顺的头发;ponytail 马尾辫;wig 假发;perm 烫卷发


In his dark-blue silk shirt and ripped jeans, right before they went on to the stage, Jack showed a video clip to his team member Jerry, "Could you be more obvious? You are an idol now. You should know how to manage your facial expressions." Jerry, who wore a very formal black suit, turned around with a dumbfounded face, replied, "I am the one who fails to hide emotions? I?!" But he got no answer from the asker, because Jack was busy putting on a glittery jacket over his already sparkling shirt.  

Hiding his face behind a mask and sunglasses, he walked fast in the terminal. He wore a white T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, very different from his usual style. No bling-bling but a simple ring was seen on his fingers.


"What's wrong with your hair?"

"I wanna ask the same question of that stylist who cut my hair so short. And finally my hair became a plant because only the middle part was long enough to stand up. "

"Okay. Interesting. Your face looked chubby but his was sharp."

"Yeah! He was quite handsome. I really liked his style back then. He had lots of earrings and he knew how to make himself manly with earrings. Usually people think earrings make men look girly."

"Let's be honest. Whoever had such a sharp face can rarely look girly. So what about his style these days?"

"I think he is a bit lazy but he disagreed, and then he said it was time-consuming to choose what to wear among so much jewelry. So I caught him. I'm right."


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How interesting he met an Asian guy in this foreign remote town! As he walked in TT Inn, he could feel all the eyes were focused upon him. All the eyes only added up to ten eyes, because there were just five people and one was the owner. Then, to his surprise, four of them began to shift their glance between him and another man, a man sitting by the backyard door. He looked over and discovered that that man was Asian too.

Never would he felt interested in approaching an Asian guy in big cities, but after a long time not seeing any Asian people, he felt excited. He walked to his table, asking whether he could sit there, and the answer was a quick "yes." Though not from the same country, they still communicated well in English. Shortly after he got his drink, this new friend said to him, "I had a plot of land nearby, wanna go? I live off-grid. Do you know off-grid?" Shaking his head, he remembered something important, "Is it idyllic? Full of natural beauty?" A big grin crawled upon this young man's face, and with such confidence, he answered, "Of course. I'm sure you will love it. You can visit my cottage, vegetable garden and my buddies-I have a dog, four ducks and two rabbits."

He couldn't imagine what exactly that place would be, which immediately enhanced his curiosity. And soon he was sitting in a pickup, heading for unknown countryside. What he was gonna see really amazed him and became one of his most beautiful memories.

The pickup stopped in front of a small cottage. It's cute and rustic, not flashy at all. A large jujube tree stood in the "yard," accompanied by a wooden swing. He heard ducks quacking from somewhere while his friend was being greeted and licked by a furry dog...


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震惊:shocked, gobsmacked, dumbfounded, devastated, startled, taken aback,
冷漠:indifferent, aloof, not interested, having a poker face, detached
快乐:smiley, happy, having a big grin on the face, having a big smile; happiness is written all over his/her face
突然轻快起来:brighten (up), lighten up
眼睛发亮(表示快乐): Her eyes sparkle (with excitement/happiness). His eyes glow.

黑眼圈:dark circles. He has dark circles under his eyes.

喜欢:like, love, be fond of, be captivated by, be attracted to, fall for, fall in love with


Colorful lights flashed around and L's eyes were forced to squint. He was not satisfied with his cousin who dragged him to this concert of a Kpop group, but he hadn't seen her for a long time, so he still said "yes" to her.

He looked like an old man who was gonna get a heart attack surrounded by girls' crazy shouting. Geez! He frowned and then was amused by their passion. Some girls even began to cry with happy tears. "Is it too late for me to get out?" he pondered. Just then, he heard powerful drumbeats, and coupled with them were a dozen of young flowery men. Maybe less then a dozen, but definitely more than eight. They wore bright red suits, glittery jewelry and a lot of makeup. L couldn't help roasting their style while girls and some boys in the stadium started a game titled "who is shouting 'oppa' louder."

Gobsmacked, L looked at his tearful cousin and then looked at the stage where that white-haired guy was staring in the direction of his cousin or him?  "Who is this guy? Is he interested in my cousin?" L's main focus never put on the performance, because his mind was twisted in this cult-like ambience. He couldn't understand a fanatic fan's stance and he wanted to. However, that guy, by his antics, always distracted him from observing the audience. He would quickly move to other parts of the stage and then dance back to the nook near them and try his best to stay there as long as he can until other members push him away. "What are you doing, bro?" L felt that he was haunted by a lot of myths: Why theses fans so crazy? Why this guy kept looking in this direction? What's his motive?


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scythe 长柄大镰刀;cluck 母鸡叫;stockpot 汤锅;sharpening stone磨刀石;sweet potatoes 红薯等等。



Greatgrandma stood at the wood stove, wiping her hands on the stained, floral apron.

He was resting his head on one hand and the corresponding elbow on the arm of the lounge chair.



After milking the cow, feeding the pigs, getting three eggs, grandfather walked back to the farmhouse. Water boiling in the big stockpot, firewood  cracking in the stove, grandfather grabbed his old mug and made himself a cup of coffee. He sat at the dining table by the window and began to brush his bread with honey. Simple but yummy breakfast! Before finishing the bread, grandfather was already eager to go out to plow his fields.


This summer morning, grandfather is busy cutting grass to make hay. He knows how to efficiently use his scythe, and from time to time, he would stop and sharpen it with a rectangular stone.


Grandfather, his horse and dog, together are walking on a country lane, heading for the fields. It's gonna be a wonderful harvest. A short while later, lots of sweet potatoes are dug out in one field, and a rat is found and fed to the dog.

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在咖啡店里发现了《Five Weeks in a Balloon》,就这样看了起来。从中间20几章跳看的,显然不是为了看故事,而是想学些新词,还想看看有没有让我喜欢的动作描写。我看了三页,然后把这三页连续看了三遍——这也算是我的学习习惯吧。第一遍看完,不认识的字词马上查起来,等到第三遍时,读和理解就很顺畅了。




lava, torrent, drapery, ape, monotony, stupor, slumber, a tract of, a bank of (clouds), jut, jets of, crater, scorch, encampment, casket, hurl, fling, contrite, hare-brained, folly, at all events, at all hazards, ballast, wretch等等。


plunge one's gaze into space; cast a glance at sb; place one's hand on some place; lay one's heads together to devise some plan; scan the horizon; leap out of some vehicle; bend over; recline at full length; lean over to sb's ear; snatch by one's waist; mop/wipe sweat/perspiration from one's forehead等等。

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He stands there upright, bright lights shining upon him, the whole audience already excited and high, but he keeps a poker face to match the theme of the song, a song that is gave and serious. As soon as music starts, he begins to slightly move his shoulders backward at a fast pace while his legs keep perpendicular. He is so familiar with every move that he doesn't need to look at other members to know whether he is at the right place or not.

He flexibly and precisely draws two arcs in the air with his arms and then lays his left hand on his right arm. Seconds later, he lowers his upper body with his arms dangling right before he swoops onto the floor. Now, he is lying on the ground, face down. He is waiting for his timing to bounce right back to where he just stood. After that, another dash happens and in a flash, he moves to the left side and gets down on one knee. Pushing against the ground with fully spread palms, he mildly raises his head and knows that his rap is about to happen. Here he comes, swaggering forward to the center of the stage and singing in his unique low, raspy voice...

He is totally devoted to the performance. He enjoys every bit of it. What a short yet rich and powerful dance!
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